Accumulated information (big data) increases exponentially every few months, posing a challenge for companies trying to derive insights from their stored information.

Accurate analysis of big data can better inform nearly every strategic decision, but companies often rely on anecdotal and unstructured information when making important strategic choices.

Big-data analytics allow companies to make strategic decisions for the future, eliminating the guesswork.

Achieving the benefits of big-data analytics requires overcoming significant challenges such as cleaning old data, prioritizing projects, aligning the organizational structure and processes, and choosing and implementing key technology innovations.

A common challenge is to transform unstructured data into actionable business insights, because valuable market information about customers and suppliers is often buried in employee emails, PowerPoint presentations, webcasts, instant messages and other unstructured data.

A comprehensive big-data strategy makes the process of gathering data easier and faster, including the preparation of real-time analytics.

INDEAVR's big-data strategy also focuses on making analytics accessible to everyone, protecting privacy, and maintaining data security.

INDEAVR's Analytics Services address the following aspects of big-data management:

  • Analytics strategy
  • Data management, architecture and infrastructure
  • Enabling technology and application infrastructure
  • Enabling organizational capability development
  • Business intelligence and analytic capability requirements

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