IT Strategy


Information technology continually changes the rules, nature and pace of today’s economies. IT can consume considerable resources without creating real value. Few organizations have not experienced the disappointment of a failed IT project or the dissatisfaction from poorly delivered services and support.

Still, many organizations are familiar with the ever-increasing cost of information technology not being matched with ever more effective IT solutions.

Equally true is the tremendous impact information technology has had in enabling businesses to grow, reduce costs and improve importance.

INDEAVR experts combine end-to-end portfolio of technology services with a full range of IT capabilities to benefit companies in following:

IT Strategy & Organization
– because the efficient IT function is based on the alignment of technologies with business requirements. We support companies to develop growth plans based on technologies' potential and successfully identify, incubate, and commercialize innovations.

Enterprise Architecture
– design or redesign IT architecture in case of events such as a mergers, acquisitions or core system transformation. The main purpose of our services is to build a platform for the future that can manage full scope of company's IT activities and create business opportunities.

IT Performance Improvement
– support companies to define key IT-performance objectives and metrics; measuring and continuously refining them for sustainable improvement, right changes and lasting advantages.

IT Project Effectiveness
– protect hundreds of billions in investments in large IT projects by design of more effective governance to diagnose potential effectiveness issues and enforce appropriate people-and talent management practices to ensure successful implementation.

Tech-Enabled marketing & sales
– bring experience in designing, selecting or implementing client-specific marketing and sales applications to capture the maximum business value in the shortest timeframe but to be adaptable to changes and future growth.

Tech-Enabled Operations
– implement technology solutions by taking a business-driven approach to transform operations and achieve improvements in productivity and efficiency in a much shorter timeframe.

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