Risk Management


Companies often treat risk management as simply a compliance issue that must be addressed to compete in the global market. Devising and enforcing rules for all employees to follow is one approach, but traditional rules-based risk management will not diminish either the likelihood or the impact of disruptions.

Today, risk is less predictable, more varied, and ubiquitous. Potential risks include financial fraud, technology breakdowns, supply chain complexities, shorter product lifecycles, rapid demand changes, fierce competition, global collaborations, and changing regulations.

Managing all of this complexity—risk management—has become a higher priority for forward-thinking companies than it was only a few years ago. Instead of depending on reactive, insurance-based approaches, high-achieving organizations are building strategic risk management capabilities that make risk management less about obligation and more about opportunity.

INDEAVR Risk Management Services support clients in:

Building a risk management strategy that fully aligns with corporate objectives

Defining risk-management policies

Designing organizational models and developing formal approaches to managing risks across the organization

Modeling the impact of negative events and including strategic planning objectives as model inputs

Developing and implementing tools for performance management, delivery of key information, and data governance


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