Business and Operating Model Strategy


Market champions focus on the edge of their markets for insights and opportunities instead of turning inward to extend core competencies.

An “edge-centric” business strategy means seeking ideas outside of the core business and shifting the emphasis from internal planning processes to the organization’s periphery.

INDEAVR helps clients anticipate industry trends and form operational models based on a dynamic approach instead of a centrally planned process.

INDEAVR Strategy Services concentrate on building business strategies that are resilient to competitive pressure and responsive to market opportunities.

INDEAVR Strategy Services can assist clients in achieving the following outcomes:

Creating a practical roadmap for achieving strategic business objectives with a focus on execution

Realigning  the client's organizational capabilities to create a companywide strategic vision that transforms operational performance

Designing  the business and operating models, business processes, systems, and organizations necessary to efficiently enter international markets

Identifying and implementing cost-containment measures as part of refocusing the business on long-term profitability strategies

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