Operations Strategy


The competitive glob al economy raises the stakes in every industry. To succeed, companies need to grow efficiently, move faster, and become lean. Businesses must find ways to differentiate, manage changes, and reinforce core capabilities, which requires continuous learning, speed and flexibility, sustainable improvement in business performance, and integration of operations and strategy.

INDEAVR assists clients in solving complex strategic and operational difficulties, from diagnosing the gap between strategy and operations to implementing the appropriate bridge.

INDEAVR's Operations Strategy Services cover the following areas:

Service Operations reconfigures systems, processes, and organizational structures to achieve results such as complexity reduction, improved productivity, higher revenues, better service quality, engaged employees, and loyal customers.

Supply Chain Management
involves the redesign of supply chains for optimal flexibility with the aim of delivering the right product at the right time to gain a competitive advantage. Because customers are a precious asset that must be protected, supply chain adjustments require a clear sense of customers' values.

Sourcing and Procurement
reduces unnecessary complexity through developing purchasing strategies, keeping costs low, utilizing suppliers’ innovation and quality insights, and building stronger and more productive relationships.

encompasses the development and management of flexible, efficient manufacturing techniques that connect the supply chain to factory processes, equipment, and systems in a seamless, customer-centric network.

defines an appropriate outsourcing strategy based on business strategy and the company's strengths, existing vendors, the competitive environment, and requirements for quality improvement, productivity, innovation, and cost.

Cash and Capital Management
entails collaborating with clients to strategically reconsider cash management and capital allocation, with the goal of creating opportunities, adopting tight balance-sheet management, improving the visibility of real-time differences between expected and actual results, and maximizing the income-generating potential of employed capital.

Complexity Management
is vital for overseeing large-scale transformation, and involves managing operational processes, organizational structure, and IT systems.

Business Process Redesign
prioritizes key processes based on their value and analyzes process effectiveness. Operational data is used for an initial assessment; detailed process maps aid in identifying major gaps and creating a vision of the future condition of each process.

Lean-in Services
achieve lean operations through deep transformation and integration of business strategy, operational effectiveness, staff engagement, and performance management. Indeavr facilitates increased capacity by building lean networks that can quickly adapt to changing needs

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