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Aggressive advertising and enormous customer service budgets can no longer escape financial scrutiny, but marketing and sales functions still have a critical role in driving revenues, retaining customers, and achieving company objectives. High-achieving companies become customer-centric by focusing their marketing and sales efforts on influencing consumer decisions and building profitable relationships. The challenge is to change a company that has been built to support product or sales channels into a customer-centric organization. To produce lasting results, leading companies tend to take an evolutionary approach to increasing their customer capabilities.

INDEAVR Sales and Customer Services include:

Brand strategy
- We make clients’ most valuable intangible asset distinctive and credible to customers, and we develop strategies to differentiate the brand through superior positioning relative to competitors.

Marketing strategy
- We help companies enhance their marketing capabilities to overcome challenges including high growth expectations, cutthroat competition, and the social-media revolution.

Product and category management
- We ensure that product development and innovation processes position companies for future success.

Sales and channels effectiveness
- We identify customized solutions to improve companies’ sales organizations and execute transformations of their go-to-market processes while building necessary capacity and controlling costs.

Customer insights and segmentation
- We analyze customer behaviors, define the target customer, and identify areas of advantage over competitors through actionable segmentation.

- We support companies in building long-term pricing capabilities, sustainably improving their return on sales, and capitalizing on opportunities.

Customer experience
- We help clients allocate the right mix of resources to retain a loyal customer base and foster the positive interactions with customers that drive growth.

Customer loyalty
- We assist companies in nurturing promoters who buy more, stay longer, and recommend services and products to others.

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