Application Capacity Services

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Businesses must build responsive, agile technologies to support growth while staying ahead of the latest trends and market developments.


Maintaining competitive advantage requires more than having innovative products and applications that resonate with consumers.


The addition of an appropriate staffing strategy that includes recruitment and onboarding will lower costs and promote growth for high-achieving companies.


With INDEAVR's Application Capacity Services (ACS), skilled IT professionals will meet clients' requirements across a broad range of application projects, including custom application development, technical and user acceptance testing, application maintenance, and user support.


The INDEAVR ACS team has extensive experience using formal quality models, ensuring clients' projects will have the scalable skilled resources, standardized processes, and methodologies needed.


Because we provide our staff with ongoing support through training, mentoring, and career management, project start-up time is markedly improved and clients can easily reallocate their resources in response to changing technologies and market demands.

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