Application Security Assessment

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The main challenge in application development is identifying repeatable, predictable software development processes that ensure productivity. The application development process includes defining application requirements in terms of functionality and identifying security parameters.


Although lack of functionality causes some security defects, excess functionality causes most defects.


No matter how impeccably software is developed—meeting all business requirements and performing all defined activities—there is still potential for an attacker to exploit security weaknesses.

INDEAVR's Application Security Assessment (ASA) Services emphasize security and privacy in all phases of the development process, aiming for the optimization of software security and protection of end users.

Our team focuses on the highest risk areas of applications, reports back on issues, and provides remediation advice. Locating and preventing security defects can only be achieved by developers and testers with a completely different way of thinking, which is why clients choose Indeavr to provide vulnerability assessments, mitigation plans, and recommendations.

Assessment results guide the implementation of controls selected to protect against security vulnerabilities.

INDEAVR's ASA Services cover:

Application penetration testing: using proprietary methods and leveraging a threat model, Indeavr engineers uncover critical vulnerabilities

Security code review: Indeavr engineers perform codebase analyses to locate code that could result in security vulnerabilities and to provide improved security suggestions

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