Enterprise Social Networking

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For only a decade social channels became ultimate part of people’s everyday life. They have continually changed both the expectations and the demand of customers and employees. 

They have affected the speed at which everyone expects to get to the right information, service or connection. And they have definitely redefined what “easy-to-do-business-with” really means.

For the business social, as part of the digital reality, is primarily a huge opportunity to drive revenue growth. We are witnessing the mass personalization of the one-to-one experience that makes it more difficult to realize brand differentiation.

The management of the increasingly complex social business landscape demands the relevant social business acumen incorporated in the right set of tools.

In today’s competitive landscape, social data could be a powerful tool that should be collected and used intelligently. It enables companies to know their customers better and to be able to serve and engage them.

Clients trust to INDEAVR Digital Services team for the following social business components:

  • Social strategy
  • Social channels monitoring
  • Social channels marketing, sales and customer care insight
  • Corporate portals and internal social collaboration

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