Data Center Transformation

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As the increasing reliance on data-center environments has become evident, many companies have adopted technologies that center on efficiency.


The data center has become the heart of an organization's IT capability, which is why companies should use a holistic approach to transforming their data centers.


Today's data centers must fulfill new technological demands, from hosting a virtual desktop infrastructure to running a cloud platform.


Organizations have adopted the cloud model because they see the benefits of cloud computing as a secure platform for IT service delivery.


A successful transition from IT delivery to IT service management can enable companies to achieve greater IT flexibility, improved server and storage utilization, and lower cost variability.


Maturing technologies in the areas of virtualization, service provisioning, automation, and cloud computing could potentially deliver faster, more responsive, and cost-effective data-center capabilities.


INDEAVR Data Center Transformation Services employ technologies, processes, and knowledge to support clients' data-center strategies.


Our services focus on delivering efficient data-center solutions that reduce IT complexity, improve scalability, and align with defined business priorities. Indeavr can help clients develop and implement solutions to fulfill current and future demand, virtualizing and enhancing servers, transforming storage capabilities, and addressing "green IT" issues such as power usage, power sourcing, and climate controls.

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