Workplace Transformation

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Over the past few years, the corporate workplace has undergone dramatic changes that have reshaped companies' organization, operations, and talent recruitment and retention.


Knowledge work is often unstructured and requires periods of greater individual focus and intense collaboration.


Challenges arise when workplaces designed for structured or process-oriented work need to be reconfigured for collaboration and individual concentration. These changes in the workplace are intensifying the pressure on companies to supplant traditionally complex environments with more productive workplace infrastructures.


Trends such as collaboration technologies, mobile solutions, universal connectivity, cloud sourcing, and the convergence of voice, data, and video have rewarded companies that embrace an evolutionary model of IT delivery, while penalizing companies that are not yet prepared to leverage the flexibility and scalability of consumer technology.


INDEAVR Workplace Transformation Services support clients as they implement workplace transformation programs. Our clients pursue their own transformation strategies at different speeds, but remain focused on maximizing productivity and efficiency while improving employee satisfaction and decreasing employee turnover.


The INDEAVR Workplace Transformation team is well-positioned to assist clients in establishing an environment that unleashes new levels of workforce productivity.


The INDEAVR team utilizes the latest collaboration and workplace technologies, as well as innovative sourcing strategies, to address complexity and assist companies in moving beyond platform choices (e.g., physical versus virtual desktops), focusing instead on the optimal balance between cost and user experience.

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