What are the most significant achievements of INDEAVR for 2021?

We kept our most important people. All of them.

Despite the significantly increased demand, we managed to serve all our clients and deliver everything that we promised.

? We remained true to ourselves and our principles. We believe more than ever that this is the only way to be successful, no matter what it costs us.

? We have attracted a lot of new talented people who I believe will inspire the development of INDEAVR for the next 10 years.
What did the pandemic 2020/ 2021 give you personally?

? I have established “close relationships” with many more people in the company than I could have before. It turned out that in a virtual environment I can talk to more colleagues, the conversations are more honest, timely and rich.

? More focus time and more time for strategizing.

? I had the time to convey many more messages to everyone in the company.

? I had time to be alone with myself. I haven’t had that time in 15 years. As experts say, being alone with oneself can improve creativity and confidence, so that you can better deal with adverse situations.

What do you think about the virtual work environment? What about the hybrid work model?

? The virtual way of working was known for years mainly to the large global organizations. Today, this has become a reality for every organization. Anyone who does not accept and does not adapt to this change will lose a lot.

? The work from home / office will be different now. Perhaps more for companies like ours, less for other companies, but each organization will have to find its way, sooner rather than later.

What would you like to say to INDEAVR clients in such period of reckoning and planning?

? To not stop believing in us. To not hesitate to challenge us, because they are about to see the best of us.

? Our plans are for decades to come and we put a lot of energy and resources to stay ahead of the game.

What would you like to say to the INDEAVR employees?

? Do not stop believing in yourselves.

? Do not stop giving all of yourselves and require others in the company to do so.

? Do not stop supporting each other.

? That every day is a pleasure for me to work with them. Even on days when nothing is going well.

What challenged you the most in 2021?

? We had to grow our team by 50%. I don’t like fast growth as you risk losing focus on the important things at hand.

? Nothing else. I work with smart, skilled, and hardworking people. We had challenging moments, but at such times the huge potential and talent in the company unfolds. Things just happen because our people are capable and willing to invest all their energy in solving the challenges.

What do you dream about in the future?

? For inspired clients who demand a lot from us. If we continue to have that, everything else will be fine.

What are your priorities for 2022?

? Our people and their well-being.